Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 years ago

15 September 2005. The day when I left my family and close friends behind. I can still remember what I wear on that day. A plain white formal shirt and black slack (which I can no longer fit today. Hehe) Donned with a black blazer on top (looking at the blazer now, I wonder why I even bought it in the first place!) With an extremely hard-to-put-on black and white scarf covering my head.

I can still remember how Papa gone mad at me for buying a suit without a pocket. "Mana nak letak awak punya passport and tickets nanti!?" He said. Haha. He ended up buying me a new handbag at the airport, a handbag that I still treasure til now (despite the fact a hole is growing larger at the corner of the bag. How I managed to get a hole in my handbag? Don't ask)

I remembered not knowing anyone at the airport. There were Capau, Nazri and Kenny whom I recognized but was not acquainted at that time. We ended up sitting in a row in the airplane. I don't think I cried in the plane. I think I cried a lot when I was bidding my goodbye to my family at the airport. I was too exhausted to cry again in the plane.

Arrived at Manchester Airport for the very first time. It felt so surreal. I was in UK. The wind was icy cold. I was literally shivering down my spine. By the time we got there, we took a cab to someone's house in Manchester for dinner. I was too knackered at that time, I did not even feel like eating. It was so nice of those people though to cook for a herd of complete strangers.

After dinner, we got a lift from Kak Ros and his husband all the way to Sheffield. In the car, Kak Ros was trying to show us around. I remembered her saying something about Peak District. It was too dark anyway at that time, hence making it almost impossible to figure out what is what from inside the car. I was too dizzy anyway at that time, not liking the winding road to Sheffield. I forced myself to sleep, knowing that that was the only way to stop myself from vomiting inside a nice stranger's car.

It was almost midnight when we arrived Sheffield. I was sent to 5 Filey to stay for the night. I stayed there for a few nights actually before moving in to my proper house. That night was the first time I got to know De'e and Jang, whom apparently went to KMB as well. Haha. Man, I seriously do not mix around well when I was in KMB. I slept like a log on Kak Syafa's comfy king size bed. Completely ignoring the fact that I will be waking up the next day to a new beginning of a new chapter of my life.

Sigh. That was 5 years ago?! Really? I am going to miss all of these. Definitely.


ihsan_huhu said...

ish2 dh tua ko rupenye

Emy Ahmad said...

rindu sangat 27 havelock..dinner time mesti makan beradap sampai berjam jam..tgk ninja warrior if im not mistaken..omg rindu giler kot..

joegrimjow said...

kak alia

congrate dah dapat dr

mantap niii!

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